Signs of Dementia

Signs of Dementia

Signs of Dementia

What are the early Signs of Dementia?  What can I do about it?  How can I help my loved?  These are questions that we get asked on a daily basis at Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care in South Jordan Utah.  We want to be able to help your loved one before it gets to be to late.  Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care has Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) that have been trained how to assist with those who are suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The early signs of dementia are most often subtle and may not be obvious us.Signs of Dementia
  • Memory loss
  • Struggles of day-to-day function.
  • Difficulty performing familiar tasks.
  • Confusion about time and place.
  • Difficulty with language.
  • Problems with abstract thinking.
  • Poor or decreased judgment.
  • Start to consistently misplace things.


Signs of DementiaThere are a few treatments that you can talk to your doctor about to help slow down the progression of dementia. They have not found a cure for dementia yet.  Once you have been diagnosed with dementia or loved one has.  This is a good time to start looking at options and what can be done in the future.  This will give you the ability to look at multiple communities that offer assistance with dementia or Alzheimer’s in their Memory Care Communities.  This way you will be able to see what is offered and not feel like it has to be a rushed decision, or something that has to be done tomorrow.  You want to make sure you find something that works best for everyone.

Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care has a variety of different apartments to accommodate every possible need.  We have studio’s, one bedrooms and shared apartments for you to chose from.  Our community is setup to allow for a home like and very open environment.  Giving each resident the comforts of home and the ability to keep as much independents as possible.

At Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care we offer 3 meals a day with an always available menu for our residents.  We also have activities going on every hour to get those mental, physical and cognitive faculties working.

Take the time to look into what is offered to help your loved one and what can be done to help them and yourself

through this difficult disease.

Signs of Dementia

You can go to to read more about the options and treatments that may be available in your area.


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