Holiday Season

December is a time with lots of activities and busy schedules. While finding spare time can be difficult at times, let’s try not to forget about those who are alone or may not have much family around. We’re specifically talking about those older adults in assisted living who may not get to see their family frequently or those who may not have family that will visit. It can be hard to know what to bring for these people or what to do with them when you go visit. Our family members who are in this scenario may not want a gift, they may just want to spend time with their children and grandchildren; see what they have been up to and talk about past memories. 

We’ve collected a few ideas of things you could do with your loved one during the holidays that will help you enjoy this holiday season as well as spend quality time with them. 

  • Decorate a small Christmas tree together
  • Look at photo albums together or put one together with them
  • Enjoy a favorite meal together
  • Help your loved one put together gifts for other family members
  • Assist them with writing holiday cards if they enjoy that
  • Go to local events
  • Get them a gift that will make their daily life easier
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