Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a time of year that we typically reflect back on the year and be grateful for all the things we have and for the people around us. While we often get caught up in the great amount of food around us and the possible family conflicts; let’s pause and think about where we would be without our family and without the abundant resources we have. Our lives would look totally different. We might even be different people. Our families can; at times, get messy and complicated; however, without them we wouldn’t be who are today. We wouldn’t have learned from the experiences we’ve had. We can look at our lives and choose to be thankful for the things we have gotten to go through. 

While Thanksgiving is a great time to do this and to remind us of this, this is something we can do all year long. Life can get crazy and we can get caught up in the little things, but life is to be enjoyed. Find something that makes you smile and focus on that. Do something to make another person smile. Spend more time being thankful for the things you have and the opportunities you’ve gotten.

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